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XXIII General Chapter
Although delegates have been taking part in chapter activities since Sunday evening, the XXIII General Chapter really didn’t start until Tuesday, May 19, with the seating of the chapter body (capitulars), its staff and invited guests. There are 78 capitulars, including de jure members (major superiors and the General Curia) and delegates voted in by their entities. Traditionally, the youngest members of the chapter serve as its tellers (scrutineers). The first vote of the chapter was the one…

Chapter Hall

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The first step is listening “A chapter is not just about the business of the congregation,” said Fr. José Ornelas Carvalho, superior general, “it is a time for us to listen ––  to each other and to the Spirit –– to determine the Lord’s plan for us.” To prepare for that ‘listening” Fr. Carlos Luis Suárez Codorníu of Venezuela led chapter participants in a day of reflection. He began by focusing on Luke 24. In it, the Risen…
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