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The superior general - Fr. Carlos Enrique Caamano, SCJ - has convened the XXIV General Chapter of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Dehonians). It will be held in Rome, beginning on July 14, 2018. It is scheduled to conclude on July 27, 2018 (though this can be changed by the members of the chapter). 

Who will participate?

The membership of the chapter will be composed of the major superiors of the provinces and regions, the members of the General Curia according to the Rule of Life, and delegates of the Provinces and Regions, as well as Districts dependent on the Superior General. The number of Dehonian capitulars is expected to be approximately 77. Others can be invited by the Superior General.

What awaits us?

We prepare ourselves for the General Chapter spirituality, realizing that the Congregation is a work of the Holy Spirit that asks us for continuous renewal. Through discernment, we trust God and our confreres to face the concrete realities of our congregation. During the chapter, an evaluation of the status of the congregation will be done, but also a new administration will be elected and guidelines developed to assist the new government.

Fr. Radosław Warenda, SCJ

Today, July 20, 2018, Fr. Carlos Luis Suarez Codorniú, SCJ, was elected superior general of the Priests of the Sacred Heart (Dehonians). He succeeds Fr. Carlos Enrique Caamaño Martín, SCJ, who became superior general in April following the appointment of Fr. Heinrich Wilmer, SCJ, as bishop of the diocese of Hildesheim (Germany).  Born in the Canary Islands (Spain) in 1965, Fr. Carlos Luis joined the Dehonians in 1984 and was ordained in…
Fr. Carlos Luis Suarez Codorniú, SCJ, shares his initial reactions and reflections on being elected as Superior General of the Dehonians.
Fr. Stephen Huffstetter talks about his responsibilities as general councilor during the past three years. They included the education sector and serving as a liaison to North America, the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, and India.
Today, July 19, representatives from Europe gave the final continental report. "Europe is a complex situation," said Fr. José Agostinho Figueiredo Sousa, provincial superior of Portugal. "There are many societal challenges, but that is the reality in which we live and must take action as Dehonians." Europe is the birthplace of the Priests of the Sacred Heart and traditionally, its center. Home to the congregation's first provinces, it is the…
Yesterday, chapter delegates gathered in continental groups to prepare reports about their geo-cultural areas. Africa was the first to give its presentation. Themes of internationality and interculturality wove their way throughout the African report. Today, those same themes were found in presentations from North America, Asia and Latin America. North America International SCJs are vital to maintaining and growing the Dehonian presence in North America. Both Canada and the US…
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