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Dehonian Family: Spiritual Path and Communion Charter

Following Fr. Dehon’s faith experience of the love of Christ, we will journey together, heart and mind, making our own Christ’s mission to reveal God’s love, particularly in his ecce venio and his desire of sint unum, and to give our deepest self so that the world may live.


In order that this way may enter into the life of every confrere and community, we will undertake the following:


To share our spirituality and mission with others through the Dehonian Family by:

1. Proposing to coordinate the different Dehonian groups, consecrated or not, who have assumed the Dehonian spirituality as the orientation of their life and mission;

2. accompanying the Dehonian formation of lay people, especially those who recognize themselves as Lay Dehonians (volunteers, youth missionaries, adult groups…);

3. stimulating the formation of young people and adults into new groups of Lay Dehonians


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