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J&P and Reconciliation

To accompany the life of the Congregation in its efforts to promote justice and reconciliation, and to develop concrete initiatives in the face of the great problems that afflict our world as an expression of the spirit of reparation and of our solidarity with the love of Christ for humanity

We will take the following actions to fulfill this objective:

1. knowing and sharing initiatives of social involvement and Justice and Peace in all the entities;

2. encouraging, in initial formation,  programs of study of the social aspect of our charism and the social teachings of the Church;

3. giving incentives for participation in courses of social studies, conflict studies and strategies of justice and reconciliation;

4. encouraging our confreres to deepen their knowledge of the social field, and to work with religious, ecclesiastical and civil institutes on public policy for the alleviation of poverty locally and globally, and inviting someone to specialize in the field of justice, peace and reconciliation;

5. spreading information about initiatives in the social field and in justice, peace and reconciliation and about situations that merit our attention;

6. making sure of the presence in each entity of minimal structures (at least one person or a committee) to sustain activity in the social field;

7. promoting contacts or periodic meetings of those responsible for this activity at interprovincial and continental levels.

Dehonians associated with Vivat International



More than once, during the international meetings of the Congregation voices were raised in favour of having, we too, aninternational ONG to support the social work and the dehonian commitment for justice, peace, development and solidarity with poor people.

The General Conference of Recife had already proposed: “That we study non-profit organizations and social movements, and participate with them, e.g. Caritas, Amnesty International, NGO’s, etc” (Doc XVIII, p. 313).
coopac-pic-300x225After studying all of them, with the intention of associating to one of them, we have oriented ourselves towards VIVAT INTERNATIONAL. So last December the Superior General and his Council approved the proposal of asking for our adhesion. At the end of January the Direction of VIVAT have discussed and accepted our application.

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