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News from the Centro Studi Dehoniani: Latest developments of the site



Latest developments of the site

In recent weeks the site has made further progress. Two in particular are the ones that we want to bring to your attention.

1) A huge amount of documents has been added. Among them:

- The Rénovation Social Chrétienne, the publication of Dehons’ so-called Roman Conferences on social issues held between 1897 and 1901, conferences which at the time enjoyed a great ecclesiastical and media attention.

- More than 300 articles have been published now on the site, including well known articles which Dehon wrote for various magazines. Of even greater interest could be the documents called ‘Extras’: articles that where attributed to Dehon according to critical criteria (editorials of ‘Le Règne’, etc.) but not yet published in the volumes of the Social Works.

2) The technicians of Data Service Centre of Bologna, in collaboration with the Centro Studi Dehoniani, have developed within the site dehondocs a search engine that allows you to do a sophisticated research on the texts of Dehon:

- You can do a research for both single words, as well as for whole sentences.

- The results provided by the search engine already come out with the new acronyms to be used in quoting Dehon.

- It is also possible to search for biblical quotations in the texts of Dehon (for those so far published on the site). For the technical complexity of tracing sometimes very elaborate biblical quotations, the results for the moment are not always 100% accurate, but already at this stage the search offers a valuable instrument to catch a glimpse of the biblical side of Fr. Dehon.

centro studiBoth the documents’ input and the tools to make the site useful will be continuously worked on and improved. Although not all desires can be satisfied, suggestions are welcome!

The project is still far from being complete. But already now it allows us to get into contact with the writings of Dehon, and reminds us that the Congregation will always need the contribution of french-speaking (and thus learning) persons to deepen the knowledge of Fr. Dehon, despite all the efforts of translation.