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1AG - If we had not yet realized

iphone 6

The market, the strong power of our time, wants at all costs to maintain a situation of immaturity. We need look only at the path for the preparation for the launch of the iPhone 6. Do you disagree with what is in italics?

August 25: release of iPhone 6 is postponed due to an accident at the factory. September 9 was the planned release date for the iPhone 6, but something went wrong. There was, in fact, a severe fire in the factory in Kunshan, which is where the manufacturer has processed the metal used for its device. There were 75 deaths and more than 186 wounded, all of them Chinese. But what is worrying is that the release of iphone6 is likely to be postponed.

August 28: is iPhone 6 coming in September or not? A rumor circulates online that the release of the iPhone 6 is expected on September 16. If so, it would be put on the market on October 14. Is this true? Interesting question!

September 3: iPhone 6: the latest rumors. When will the iPhone 6 be released? What will the characteristics of the device be? What profound questions!

September 5: the long-awaited iPhone 6 should finally be unveiled to the world on September 9th. Therefore, only a few days are left before its presentation, and what is most interesting is to know when will it be available. For those who do not have it, they cannnot manage to live without this answer.

September 8: the release of the iPhone 6 finally has a date. But we are interested in a concrete reality, namely that of electronic payments. The manufacturer in Cupertino has signed agreements to enable digital payments. Yes, there's really no trouble for the buyers.

September 10: iPhone 6: here it is unveiled. Yesterday Apple iPhone 6 was unveiled to the eager users of world. Rather, we must be more correct: the iPhone 6 doubles, and besides the long-awaited model also comes the iPhone 6 Plus, the large version. All tastes are satisfied.

September 12: iPhone 6: when will we see its release in Italy? Apple talks about September 26, this is a product that should amaze we'll wait and see what will come out. Really it's all very important!!

September 17: iPhone 6: 4 million devices are pre-ordered in 10 countries in the first 24 hours. Anxiety prevails in the countries where ordering is not yet possible. No one can not do without it.

September 26: iPhone 6 arrives in Italy: line up outside through the night. After seeing the lines in the United States, there were a lot of people outside the various Italian Apple stores: those who took a day off work, who slept there overnight in order not to lose a place in the line. Everything is done for the possession of the first iPhone 6!!! How many people are dedicated to the sacrifice!

The market wants people to be extraordinarily unhappy, without their knowlege. In the network of illusions, there is room for many.



Rinaldo Paganelli