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1AG - In Italy a bear is dead

The news of the death of the bear Daniza reached me in the car while I came back from a visit from the hospital. In truth, I did not give too much attention to it since I was dealing with many other things that seemed to be more challenging and important than the fate of a bear. However, in the following days I realized that the event had sparked the anger of the Italians. orsa-danizaThey have taken to Twitter, stating that the person looking for mushrooms was at guilt for being attacked by the bear because he was so close to her two cubs. There was anger at the provincial government and with those who did not properly protect the welfare of the bear. Open warfare on social networks has been going on for days regarding animal rights, with hashtags even by politicians.


In the same days, three Xaverian missionaries, elderly but always devoted to others, were killed in Burundi. It was Sunday, September 7, when the earthly lives of Bernadette, Lucia and Olga came to an end. A friend who knew them well outlined with clarity who they were. Remembering the three lives, devoted entirely to others, they were summarized the in the following quotes: “God has granted them to last long in the mission and finish it with sprinkling the African soil with their blood.” “No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

morti-lampedusaDuring the same period, between Friday, September 5th and Sunday 7th, three days of shipwrecks left 600 migrants missing or dead during their crossings in the Mediterranean. Shipwrecks have occurred in Libyan waters, off the coast of Malta and Egypt. In particular, near Libya there were three shipwrecks responsible for more than 300 deaths, while in the east of Malta, in another wreck, died between 300 and 500 people. The spokesman for the European Commissioner for Refugees, referring to the events mentioned above, said: "What we have seen in recent days in the Mediterranean is not an accident, but murder."

Rinaldo Paganelli