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IND - Youth ministry in India

India youth gathering


Hundreds attend youth rally in India

Over 740 people attended a youth gathering in the Eluru Diocese (Andhra Pradesh) organized by Fr. Jojappa Chinthapalli of the SCJs’ Indian District, in collaboration with the diocesan youth director. The photo above was taken at the assembly.
“As Dehonians in India we are doing youth ministry in our parishes, hostels, with schools and with college students,” wrote Fr. Jojappa. “It is a very relevant ministry, appreciated by religious sisters, other priests and brothers and our bishop. It was the bishop of Eluru who asked us to help organize a youth gathering on the diocesan level.”
On May 10 the first, of what is hoped to be a regular monthly youth assembly, was held. The theme of the initial gathering was “Faith Renewal for Youth.”
Among those who took part were Bishop Jayarao Polimera, as well as the local police superintendent.
Fr. Jojappa first worked with youth during his regency year in Argentina.