Anthropologia Cordis: cultural diversity but thinking together

Anthropologia-Cordis-2014-02-07 21Taubaté. February 7, 2014.

The last day of the seminar Anthropology Cordis began with Morning Prayer and Adoration.

In the morning various continental groups began by reflecting on the priorities to be followed for the development of an 'Anthropologia cordis’. They then returned to present their conclusions to the plenary assembly. All groups expressed the belief that an experience like this one should continue, as it is an exercise in thinking together while not denying cultural diversity.

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In the afternoon, Father John van den Hengel presented an introduction to the on-going development of Dehon Study Center in Rome. Father Stefan Tertünte continued the theme by speaking about the website that will be launched soon and on which will be available all the writings of Father Dehon in a digital format. Along with Father John van den Hengel, Father Tertünte outlined some proposals for a possible new configuration of the Centro Studio Dehoniana, which are being made in response to structural changes within the congregation. Then the conference was offered a chance to make comments, raise questions, and offer suggestions and criticisms on this project.

Father John van den Hengel mentioned the preparation of the next General Chapter, asking the various Continental Committees to prepare a study on the topic that will be the subject of Chapter: Merciful, in the Community, with the Poor. Finally, Fr. John and Fr. Stefan were thanked all the participants in the conference Anthropologia Cordis. The celebration of the Holy Mass officially ended the week of study, leaving strong motivation to reflect on the life of our congregation.

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