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Anthropologia Cordis: how do I love?

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As usual, the day began with Morning Prayer and Adoration and then breakfast.

The morning session was opened with a lecture by Father Marcello Neri, professor at the Faculty of Theology, University of Flensburg, Germany. He gave a presentation on the anthropological style of Father Dehon. By studying the texts of our founder it is clear, in the opinion of Professor Neri, that the primary focus must be to understand the "how" of divine revelation, the quality of divine revelation, which leads to the Father Dehon to formulate the fundamental anthropological question: "how do I love?". Anthropologia-Cordis-2014-02-06 7The study demonstrates the originality of this vision through the analysis of two leading concepts of the thought of Father Dehon, the "confiance" and "gift."

In the first part of the afternoon, each continental group gave a summary of their discussion of Fr. Neri’s discourse. Each group was to discuss the relevance of the proposal offered by Professor Neri in different cultural contexts. Subsequently, Prof. Neri answered a few questions and then passed the podium to Father Colzani for a final reflection on love in St. Augustine.

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