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Anthropologia Cordis: Aparecida

Anthropologia-Cordis-2014-02-05 -Aparecida 73Tuesday, February 5

Today we spent at Aparecida.  This is the national shrine of Mary in Brazil, and in fact she is the Patroness of Brazil.  We concelebrated Mass at the Shrine this morning together with the staff and pilgrims who were present.  As Aparecida has its own TV channel, we were joined by a viewing audience as well.

Following Mass, we spend tome with Bem Vindo Romeiro, one of the shows of TV Aparecida.  Fr. Joao discussed the work of the Antropologia Cordis conference and its role in SCJ life, ministry and the congregation.

Anthropologia-Cordis-2014-02-05 -Aparecida 81Fr. Joao mentioned that the Dehonian presence on this show and others at TV Aparecida is very important to the SCJ community in Brazil.  With about a 15 million person viewership, it is an important way that awareness about the SCJs are raised, to include topics of SCJ life, ministry, and vocational awareness.Anthropologia-Cordis-2014-02-05 -Aparecida 35

After lunch, we had an hour tour of the shrine and met with the Shrine staff, who discussed some of the history and design elements of the shrine.

Following an hour on our own, we returned home.

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