Anthropologia Cordis: rediscovery of mercy

The day started at 7:30 am with Morning Prayer and Adoration followed by breakfast. The Plenary Session began at 9 am. The session began with an introductory presentation by Anthropologia-Cordis-2014-02-03 18Fathers Stefan Tertünte, Garrapucho, and Fernando. They explained the theme and work to be done at the confrence. They stressed the need for the present study in accordance with the principle from the " dynamic fidelity " (Cst 112) of the Congregation.

Later, Father G. Colzani, professor of theology, gave an overview of anthropology today. Faced with the realization that "anthropology now focuses on man who is homeless, faceless and heartless", Father Colzani proposes the "rediscovery of the pathos of God, the discovery of forgiveness, reconciliation, and the rediscovery of mercy." Subsequently, the various continental groups discussed on the subject from the viewpoint of their own cultural realities.

Anthropologia-Cordis-2014-02-03 10The afternoon session began with the presentation of the reflections of the continental groups. Finally, Father Colzani commented on the reflections that were offered, highlighting the common elements among them. One common theme was a significant critique of the Western model of life and social structures, including issues such as family, race, and radical cultural transformation we are experiencing.

Anthropologia-Cordis-2014-02-03 8Finishing the day, the Eucharist was presided by Father Mariano Weizenmann, Provincial Superior of the BSP, during which welcomed to the participants. Some of the students of the Theologate participated in the celebration. At the end of the Mass, Father João Carlos gave a dynamic presentation on the reality of the international and interprovincial nature of the formation house and seminary, which is hosting the conference on Anthropologia Cordis.

The wonderful churrasco after Mass was an opportunity to socialize and share some time together. The evening was all the better for the tasty Portuguese appetizers offered by Father José Jacinto.

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