1AG - "A Spiritual Path" for lay dehonians


Between July 18 and 20 the group spearheading the “Iter Formativo” or “The Spiritual Path” for lay dehonians met in Rome. The Coordinating Group consists of Bruno Pilati ITS, Adérito Barbosa POR, Fernanco Fonseca, Roma II, and the General Councilors, Cláudio Weber and John van den Hengel.

The project for launching a project of written texts to help in the formation of lay dehonians was launched in June of 2012. A first outline of a four-year program was devised at the time. The project was abetted at a meeting of the European Famiglia Dehoniana at Foligno, Italy, in January of this year.

At the meeting of July 18-20 the coordinating group had its first encounter with the draft of texts. P1030662

The texts were prepared by different groups in the Congregation. The first year was prepared by the Spanish and Porguese under the direction of Adérito Barbosa. It gives a first introduction to the spirituality of Fr. Dehon. The second year was prepared a group of theologians in Latin America who meet face-to-face or by Skype about eight times a year. The second year is presented as an encounter with Jesus Christ with Fr. Dehon. It was directed by Cláudio Weber. This same group is also preparing a contribution to the theological seminar “Antropologia Cordis” of next year in Taubaté, Brazil.

The third year was prepared by a group in northern Italy under the direction of Bruno Pilati. The third year is an accompaniment of the lay dehonian group in light of the faith journey of Fr. Dehon. It touches on the role of the Bible in Fr. Dehon’s life and the Eucharist. It also touches on the mission of Dehonians “to be prophets of love and servants of reconciliation. The fourth and final year was done by English-speaking members under the direction of John van den Hengel. Its theme is “For the life of the world” touching on the social dimension of Fr. Dehon’s spirituality.

During the meeting the coordinating committee had an opportunity to work with the first draft of the texts and begin the editorial process. It will take still a good amount P1030671of work to fashion the diverse and at times repetitive sessions into a coherent and fruitful oeuvre. The first editorial process should be complete by October. At that time, we will seek to find one or two persons who can unify the style and the process. It is the hope that a final text will be available in the beginning of 2014.

By next May – May 2014 – a meeting of the Famiglia Dehoniana is planned. At that meeting, the Iter formative / the Spiritual Path will be presented. The text is intended as a help to those who would like to start a lay dehonian
 group in a parish but did not have the resources. “It has been a really good beginning,” said Fr. Cláudio Weber. It is also a fresh beginning for the year of sharing our spirituality which the General Administration has chosen as its theme for 2014.