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Meeting of Scolasticate Rectors 2013



 8 April - Monday

Photos of the day/ participants


07.30   Opening Eucarist

09.00   Introduction to the meetingPresentation of the objectives of the meeting (Fr. Sugino)

Words of Welcome: Fr. General

Presentation of the participants

10.30   Presentation Religious Life Today: Challenges and Opportunities (Fr. Santiago)

15.30   Exchange of experiences of Dehonian formation among the scholasticates (reports from five superiors, each representing a continent) - BSP, INA, CMR, POL

17.30   Reactions

18.50   Adoration


9 April - Tuesday

Photos of the day


07.30   Eucarist

09.00   Presentation of the “new” Ratio Formationis Generalis I: Its teologico-spiritual aspects (Fr. Fernando Fonseca)

09.45   Languages Groups Work

11.15   Plenary

15.30   Presentation of the “new” Ratio Formationis Generalis II: practical aspects of the RFG (Fr. Sugino, P. Albert)

16.15   Groups Work

17.45   Plenary

18.50   Adoration


10 April - Wednesday

Photos of the day


07.30   Eucarist

09.00   Conference: Inculturation of our Spirituality (Fr. John van den Hengel)

10.30   Continental Group work

11.30   Plenary

15.30   Conference: Formation toward internationality (Fr. José Ornelas Carvalho)

17.30   Three presentations about international scholasticates: Ways of living internationality - RSA, PHI, GER

18.50   Adoration


11 April - Thursday

Photos of the day


07.30  Eucarist

09.00  Conference: Economy and Formation (Fr. Aquilino)

15.30  Conference: Formation for Dehonian Social Engagement (Social Spirituality) (Fr. Stefan Tertünte)

17.00  Group work

18.50  Adoration


12 April - Friday



07.30  Eucarist

09.00  Recommendations: Group work (Inculturation, internationality, social engagement, economy and Ratio Formationis Generalis) (Fr. Sugino)

11.00  Presentation of the recommendations in plenary: Discussion

15.30  Secretaries work on a text of recommendations

Visit of Rome (Guide: Claudio Siebenaler)

18.50   Adoration


13 April - Saturday

Final messagge

IT - EN - FR - PT - ES

09.00   Presentation and acceptance of the recommendations

Evaluation of the meeting

11.00   Closing Eucarist