Canonical visit to Germany

2019-05-01 Germania


Father General and I did the canonical visit to the German Province. We were in Handrup, where we have a high school with more than 1,300 students and about 100 teachers. It's nice to see that the whole school tries to live like a family. There is a welcoming atmosphere in which students feel protected and above all involved in the process of growth, accompanied by spiritual and Dehonian values. Many actions in the school aim to promote the person in every dimension, that is, spiritual, psychic, physical, moral and human. There is an effort to help students live a religious experience through the many activities offered by the Dehonian confreres who work there with the teachers and busy students. We are very happy to see that we have a place like this. We want to continue to be present working with a Dehonian pedagogy.

Father General urged the entire formative community of the high school to be like Jesus "audientem et interrogatem", listening and questioning. These are attitudes necessary for both students and professors.

Levi dos Anjos, scj