New Coordinator of the Theological Commission of Latin America


From January 18-20, at the Our Lady of Fatima Novitiate in Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil, the Latin American Dehonian Theological Commission (CTDAL), met for its finalmeeting of the 2016-2018 three-year period. Chairperson of the commission, Fr. João Carlos Almeida, presented a detailed report of the work of the commission during the triennium. He recalled that the commission began as a formal response to the requests that emerged during the XXII General Chapter of 2009. The invitation came in 2010 from the then general councilor, Fr. John van den Hengel. In early 2011, a group of SCJ theologians from Latin America began to hold monthly meetings by connecting to each other via the Internet. The first meeting that saw all the theologians meet took place in January, 2012.


Fr. Manuel António Teixeira (VEN) - The new Coordinator

One of the most significant events of that period was - in 2014 - the seminar "Antropología Cordis", organized in Taubaté, Brazil, which included participants from the whole congregation. During the XXIII General Chapter of 2015, the major superiors of Latin America approved the status of the commission and officially named their representatives. In that same year, the Superior General confirmed the statutes and, in 2016, the commission started a more formal phase with the following members: Fr. João Carlos Almeida (BSP) - coordinator, Fr. Rubens Rieg (BRM), Fr. Manuel António Teixeira (VEN-ECU), Fr. Cristhian Gatica (CHI -PAR), Fr. Hugo Salas (ARG) and Fr. André Vital. The latter was nominated bishop in 2017 and was replaced by Fr. Gimesson da Silva (BRE). At the meeting held in 2019, the new representative of the BSP Province was appointed, Fr. Emerson Ruiz, ending the commitment of Fr. João Carlos Almeida in this position.


Fr. Gimesson da Silva (BRE) - Secretary

After the elections, carried out in accordance with the statutes of the commission, Fr. Manuel António Teixeira (VEN) was elected as chairperson, and Fr. Gimesson da Silva (BRE) was elected secretary. The other members remain confirmed. In this same meeting the new commission organized activities for the year 2019, set some objectives, and distributed tasks. They also determined that the 2020 meeting will be held in Argentina.


Members of the CTDAL 

João Carlos Almeida, scj