1AG - The appointment of the General Collaborators and Offices in the General Curia

The Superior General of the Congregation of Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,

- having consulted the Major Superiors concerned,
- and having obtained the consent of the General Council in its meeting held on November 29, 2018,
- according to nn. 134-135 of the Constitutions and of the General Directory,


Fr. Luca Zottoli - General Treasurer
Fr. Pedro Iglesias Curto - Secretary General
Fr. Celson Altenhofen - Procurator to the Holy See

Fr. Ramón Domínguez Fraile - Postulator General of the Causes of Beatification and Canonization
Fr. Stefan Tertünte - Director of the Dehon Study Center
Fr. Juan José Arnaiz Ecker - Vice-Director of the Dehon Study Center and Director of the Library of the General Curia
Fr. Józef Golonka - General Archivist
Fr. Antonius Purwono - Vice-Secretary General
Fr. José Zeferino Policarpo Ferreira - Responsible for the animation of the Formation Sector of the Congregation of Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

These services start from the date of publication of this appointment and will be carried out for the duration prescribed in the Constitutions and of the General Directory or that established by the Superior General in dialogue with the nominees and Major Superiors concerned.

Given in Rome, by the General Curia, January 7, 2019.

The General Secretary                  The General Superior

Fr. Pedro Iglesias Curto, scj               Fr. Carlos Luis Suárez Codorniú, scj