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1AG - Last meeting

Last council meeting

On Thursday, May 14, the General Council met for the 270th time. This was the last scheduled meeting of the current administration before the start of the XXIII General Chapter and the election of new leadership for the congregation.
The meeting ended with time for reflection on the work the team had done together: six years of intensive accompaniment of the congregation, six years of travels and reports, six years of prayer together, six years of also taking time away from the house together to plan, to hold retreats and to just be together.
It was an emotional moment. Living, praying and working as a group –– a team –– leaves its effects.  After thanking members of the council and support staff Fr. José Ornelas Carvalho, superior general, said that “the journey was worth it. The dynamics were good.”
The group also gave a heartfelt “thank-you” to Fr. General for his leadership, untiring energy and collaboration with the rest of the team.
On Sunday evening a new phase in the life of the congregation begins. Besides electing a new administration, the chapter will discuss and vote on several issues that will help to set directions for the new leadership.

Elections begin on May 25.