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Centro Studi - Translations of the works of Fr. Dehon online

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As a part of the DehonDocsInternational Project, the Centro Studi Dehoniani (Dehon Study Center) is pleased to offer several online translations of the works of Fr. Dehon. This is available under the umbrella of DehonDocs at the homepage of .

The last general chapter (2009) urged the CSD to “coordinate the translation of the major works of Fr. Dehon.” In this spirit, a collaboration began a year ago between the Centro Studi Dehoniani, the Data Service Center in Bologna, Fr. Fernando Fonseca, Fr. Marcello Matté and Fr. Józef Golonka (general archivist).

Gradually we will publish existing translations of the works of Fr. Dehon on in Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish. Translations are processed at different times by many authors; note that the editorial standards of the DehonDocs project have not been applied to many of the translations.

The texts are available online through a slideshow, in order to avoid long download times. If you prefer, you can also download the documents as PDFs.

Other translations will be added as they are available. We count on the enthusiasm of the confreres to develop new translations and to edit existing translations into formats more in conformity with the standards of DehonDocs. Those who are interested in assisting with this, or who may have suggestions, are encouraged to contact the CSD at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The online publication of the texts of the founder in different languages will be another step toward bringing the life, actions and thoughts of Fr. Dehon to people today so they may more deeply know such a person of inspiration.

You can read the new in:   Italian  -  Portuguese  -  Spanish  -  French