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1AG - With gratitude

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As the present general administration’s term of office comes to an end, there have been a number of occasions created to give thanks and to celebrate with those with whom Fr. General and the councilors worked during the last six years. On April 30 it was the time to celebrate with the lay staff at the Generalate.

The lay staff perform the numerous tasks that the SCJs are not able to perform. They include the wonderful kitchen staff of Mark and Barbara, Fiorella and Patricia who welcome visitors and answer the telephone, but who also connect with our benefactors or do other tasks for the Archives and the Centro Studi, Laura, the assistant librarian, Arnaldo,  webmaster of, Maria, who works in the office of the General Secretariat, William who has recently come to begin the digitalization process in the archivist office, Aldo Ivaldi of the treasurer’s office, and Bozena, Carmen, Lucia and Antonella of the laundry and cleaning staff who make the house livable and the work doable.

It was to thank them that the community gathered for a festive pranzo, made – you guessed it – by Marco and Barbara of the kitchen staff.

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