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1AG - The season of farewells and thank-yous

With the coming to an end of the current general administration of the Congregation and the approach of the General Chapter, April has become the time to say farewell and thank-you to all who formed part of the team during the last six years. On Wednesday, April 15 the departing general administration held a curasco with the staff of the "casa per ferie" Villa Aurelia.

20150415-Pranzo-Villa-Aurelia 1-

Next month Villa Aurelia will house a large part of the members of the General Chapter. The "casa per ferie" and its staff have been an important part of the ministry of the General Administration. 20150415-Pranzo-Villa-Aurelia 3-With the constant stream of visitors and pilgrims, but also religious communities, the Italian Bishops Conference and gatherings of the Roman Dicasteries, Villa Aurelia is not just an "casa per ferie" but also a ministry. The "casa per ferie" has its own chapel. 

20150415-Pranzo-Villa-Aurelia 2-It is to celebrate this work and our collaboration with the people of the "casa per ferie" that the staff of the "casa per ferie" are part of the series of farewells marking the end of the current administration. The meal was prepared by our two Brazilian "churrasco" experts, Frs. Leo Heck and Cláudio Weber.