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CDS - "Témoignage d’une vie", new book in the collection Studia Dehoniana

STD 59-portadaWith Studia Dehoniana number 59 we publish the latest work  André Perroux. It is entitled Le Témoignage d'une vie (The Witness of a Life). In  659 pages the author analyzes the written works of Father Dehon and his formative experience. He lets us enter into his personality, giving us the essential elements of his action and legacy. In the latter part of the book, Perroux undertakes the challenge of describing the life of the founder, year by year, from 1843-1925. To receive access to the Table of Contents, you may click on the image.

Designed specifically for  the use of formators and those in formation, the method used in putting together this book allows one the option of either a continuous reading, or the reading in segments, depending on one's particular interest.

In the final stages of the editing of The Witness of a Life, Frs. Claude Siebenaler and Juan José Arnáiz of Centro Studi Dehoniani (CSD) edited the work, using wherever possible the new mode of citation made possible by the publication of dehondocs  in 2014. 

The Wydawnictwo Księży Sercanów Dehon, our publishing house in Kraków, is the distributor of book. We are grateful to Fr. André Perroux for this new contribution to our knowledge of  the Venerable Léon Dehon.