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1AG - Ecumenism has come for dinner

20150122 unitaAs every year in this period of January, the Church celebrates the Week of prayer for the unity of the Christians. And an ecumenical delegation of the Finnish Churches have come again to Rome, as every year, to participate at several ecumenical meetings and prayers. The delegation was driven, as in other occasions, by Mons. Teemu SIPPO, S.C.J., Catholic Bishop of the diocese of Helsinki, and by other bishops of the Church evangelical-Lutheran of Finland and the Orthodox Church in Finland.

They have been received in hearing by Pope Francesco in Vatican. Here you can read the discourse of the Saint Father to the delegation.  

After the papal audience, the delegation is brought, as it is a tradition, to our General House. The General Superior, Fr. Ornelas, and the whole dehonian community of the Generalate and the International College has welcomed to the Finnish delegation and in special way to our brother Mons. Teemu Sippo. Finally they stayed with us to have dinner. A rich and cheerful dialogue was developed during the supper.