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1AG - A library at the service of dehonians

The General Curia continues to update services to the SCJ Congregation, especially for the members of the Collegio Internazionale Leone Dehon (Leo Dehon International College) in Rome and all members of the Congregation who require their use.

The aim is to offer a resource which, while it continues to be a general library, little by little specializes in the disciplines needed to develop a deep knowledge of Leon Dehon, i.e., all scientific aspects and research linked to the life and work of our

founder (theology of the Heart of Jesus, spirituality of the 19th century, general and ecclesiastical history of the 19th and 20th centuries, theology of the charism, Christian social teaching, etc.), and the SCJ Congregation (Dehonian spirituality, history of the Congregation, social and political contexts of the communities, etc.).



Thus begins a new reality that ensures the necessary instruments for the deepening of the Dehonian spiritual heritage and the support of university-level studies. For this reason, the collections of the library of the SCJ General Curia must continue to be kept with the utmost care, constantly enriched with new books, journals and other current information technology.

As of January 25, Fr. Juan José Arnaiz (Spain), vice-director of the CSD, will take charge as the new Director of the Library of the SCJ General Curia to carry out this project.