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1AG - The Abused Children of War and Violence

 2015-03-18bis attualita

From the days of Pol Pot’s young soldiers, fanatics have abused children to purify the world.Those of ISIS have what they call “lion cubs,” children loaded with weapons or TNT, ignoring that a lion does not practice such cruelty, nor teaches her cubs to do so, and use technology to pursue its course in the West.

Childhood violated2015-03-18 attualita

But children are only children.Childhoods have been violated without the possibility of them being defended from it.There was no time to act on the horrors made against children by Boko Haram, or by ISIS. It seems like a macabre race to see who can arrive at the most sensational horror or be more cruel. What is worse? For these groups to destroy their children, or to turn them into destroyers?But here we enter into a kind of play.What do we see in these images?If we take a glimpse at the small assassin, do we see a lost creature who provokes anger and dark thoughts of revenge? The guerrillas of ISIS do not even suspect that in these images we can see something totally different.Not a murderer, but a victim.A scarred child, a human drone piloted by adults behind him.


Children as puppets

2015-03-18 attualitater

Several times it had been said that many militias choose children only: they are the most docile, once trained they do what they are told without questioning. Children are like puppets.Terrorized by seeing the violence suffered and endured by others, they are indoctrinated, often drugged to bring them under control. Cruelty is absorbed and applied as the only way of survival.The difference that one notices now is that child soldiers were usually kept hidden, given the international consequences (almost all the prisoners and those wanted by the International Criminal Court in The Hague have among their other accusations the forced recruitment of minors) while now immature faces are exhibited with pride.Who is the son of aforeign fighter who might be kidnapped by the mother and put into the training camps of Syria, or an Israeli child whose father shows him how to take up arms, as it is always the parents who encourage their children?They put them on the road of eternal happiness, or worse, a misunderstood heroism, probably convinced to do the “right” thing for them. It is morally imperative that one must question the education toward hatred and violence to which the children are subjected, in a more or less clear, more or less conscious manner.

Rinaldo Paganelli