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Centro Studi - The “unpublished” documents on DehonDocs

dehonIn the past week a reference was made on the site of the publication of the unpublished documents of Fr. Dehon. Currently you can find there the first of all the sermons which Dehon gave in the first years of his priesthood. One can count more than a hundred sermons, among which: the first homily preached in his hometown (La Capelle), the homily he gave on the first Christmas as a vicar in Saint-Quentin, etc.

Outside of the sermons, one can also now consult and download other documents such as the legal testament of Dehon and a notebook of 72 pages which gather the prayer lights of Sr. Marie Ignace. Right until the end of his life, Fr. Dehon has underlined the value of these prayer lights for the history of the Congregation.

Centro Studi -logoHistory buffs – but not only they – can also find four notebooks entitled “The Maison du Sacré-Coeur during the first World War.” In it Fr. Dehon describes the time he spent in Saint-Quentin during the German occupation in the first World War. Keeping in mind the centenary of the first world war (1914-1918), this type of documentation still has important historical relevance. We hope to be able to make an announcement soon on this site of the publication of a dossier that is entirely dedicated to this theme.