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1AG - Set Me As a Seal upon Your Heart

bibbia amore

On Valentine’s Day, the feast of love, the ways to say the word “love” far exceeds the more than 300 biblical citations of it. This year on Valentine’s Day weekend the movie “50 Shades of Grey-fifty-shadesopened, which more than anything else is a real phenomenon of costume. In 2011 E.L. James wrote the “50 Shades” trilogy. The books immediately became bestsellers: the rights were acquired in over 30 countries and sales of the book reached about 100 million. Records are broken everywhere. The result of the film leaves room for diverse opinions. Preview clips of the film summarize the nuances of love in pleasure, power, desire and mystery.

To say love

But love is the opposite of all the lies that are said to narrate the life that one is living. It is not cruel, it does not last only a single season, does not make a show of itself and does not beautify. Love is exact, in our faces, in our imperfect ways of doing. Many things follow one another in the human soul, but that which is placed as a seal in the heart remains forever, and then the memory becomes grateful. This is not living with nostalgia, remembering the past “languidly” as something that has passed painfully and never returns. The grateful memory is something else; it is the capacity to bring to mind what we have achieved so that our present is enriched by what has touched us. One can write thousands of books on love, make arguments, but if one does not experience a love that changes, and touches lives, one is likely to theorize something that is theoretically nothing. God's love for every creature is a love incarnate, tangible, a love that was made flesh, blood and given voice, a companion for the journey to many and savior for all, is a free, liberating love, forever, a love that saved by giving life.

mani fioreLove is modeled from life

On the occasion of an important anniversary, I was given a book which opened with this expression: “... don’t forget to love”, and inside together with a host of deep reflections, I found myself enriched by these words: “The life was lived as a full river… you've been burned by the heat and you have felt the chill of the snow. You have cried and have laughed, you have had fear and trust and while looking for comfort and shelter, the life that you're living makes the heart. You opposed resistance, but it has once again loosened your chains”. Now when I look at someone, I try to see in his/her eyes a big light that comes from the eyes washed by many tears, and have learned to love a little more, the style of Jesus”. Each time you can discover that in the intensity of love, all of life changes forever.

p. Rinaldo Paganelli